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Every commercial and industrial operation has a unique set of requirements when it comes to flooring. That’s why the professional team at NuFlorz, Inc. listens carefully, to learn the important aspects of your business and to offer flooring recommendations specific to your needs. Safety, easy cleaning, regulatory compliance and other considerations may factor in as we work with you to enhance workforce productivity, improve facility value and more.

No matter how they differ, all types of commercial and industrial operations have one thing in common: their business can come to a halt if there’s a problem with the floor. That’s why so many Corning, NY businesses have come to rely on NuFlorz, Inc. to avoid such costly delays. We’ve also helped a wide range of operations from day one, constructing the floor they need to exact specifications for some of the most demanding business sectors.

From Kitchen and Industrial to Clean Rooms and Production Floors, We are Corning, New York’s Commercial Flooring Choice

Commercial Kitchens

When specifying flooring for a new commercial kitchen, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. Your floor needs to help your food-service business, not hinder it. To accomplish this, flooring needs to meet several important requirements, which include:

  • Slip-Resistance
  • Easy Cleanup and Maintenance
  • Resistance to Heat and Chemicals
  • Durability and Strength
  • Supporting a Hygienic Environment
  • Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Moisture Tolerance

The NuFlorz, Inc. team will work with you from the early design stages to anticipate and withstand the daily spills, heavy foot traffic, range of changing temperatures and other challenges associated with any commercial kitchen. Whether it’s for a full-service restaurant, small takeout operation, or large-scale institutional kitchen, we have the answers.

Commercial Flooring Experts for Rochester, New York Businesses

Industrial Settings

Our experience with industrial operations is broad-ranging with many different solutions being implemented on a daily basis. This is essential because every industry has its own unique challenges. NuFlorz, Inc. is ready to help with yours, whether it includes any or all of these considerations:

  • Ability to withstand forklift traffic and other heavy equipment
  • Versatility for multiple types of use within a single facility
  • Resistance to heat, cold, chemicals and other hazards
  • Slip resistance for employee safety
  • Easy cleanup

A NuFlorz, Inc. epoxy floor is one of the logical choices for many industrial settings, but we offer many other effective options as well. Talk with our experienced team to determine what’s best for your business.

Clean Room

Clean Room contamination is almost always found on the floor. That’s why the floor is such a critical component, and why materials selection, design and installation are so important. The right floor will deliver all of this:

  • Fast, easy cleanup
  • Seamless and non-porous surfaces for complete hygiene
  • Certified suitable for Clean Rooms
  • Meets industry standards for tight control of contamination
  • Mitigation of electrostatic charges and microbial organisms
  • Resistance to chemical spills
  • Professional, pristine appearance

A Clean Room environment is one place where there is simply no room for guesswork. NuFlorz, Inc. has experience in this area and is ready to help ensure complete compliance with the strict Clean Room requirements, which vary depending on the particular type of application. Talk with us to determine exactly what commercial flooring system will deliver exactly what you need.

Rochester, New York Commercial Flooring Specialists

Production Floor

In any factory setting, the production floor is where the critical action takes place. This is where your company turns out its products, and where everything has to be perfect – right down to the floor. Consider these factors when choosing a production floor:

  • Smooth, tough surfaces to handle heavy equipment transport
  • Durable, rugged materials to survive years of abuse
  • Slip-resistance to comply with highest safety standards
  • Avoidance of cracks, pits and other costly issues that could halt production
  • Chemical and shock resistance
  • Easy maintenance and cleanup

From light manufacturing to heavy-duty industrial factory environments, the decisions you make about your commercial flooring systems are always of critical importance. Contacting the NuFlorz, Inc. team to discuss your options is one decision that will always pay off for you.

Whether you’re considering a flooring system for a commercial or industrial enterprise, a food service business, clean room setting or factory production floor, NuFlorz, Inc. has what you need, and we have the expertise to install it correctly. And if you’re looking to repair an existing floor in any of these areas, NuFlorz, Inc. is still the answer. Make one call now, and put us to work for all of your Corning, NY commercial flooring needs.

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Full-Floor Restoration and Flooring Systems

Your commercial or industrial floor takes a beating every day. You walk on it, drive over it, drop things on it and usually… ignore it. Until something goes wrong.

Our staff has 20+ years of flooring experience to ensure your peace of mind. We work with top quality, warranted flooring systems from respected national manufacturers - such as Dur-A-Flex and Neogard - using specialized equipment and premium machines on a daily basis. And it's all delivered with an emphasis on safety, service and professionalism. NuFlorz will work closely with you right from the start. We will educate you and explain all your options so you can make the best decision for your application.

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