Seamless Industrial Epoxy Mortar Flooring Systems

seamless industrial warehouse with epoxy flooringNuFlorz is the relied upon expert for seamless industrial epoxy mortar flooring systems.

Whether looking for epoxy terrazzo flooring, fluid applied flooring, seamless flooring, or other industrial flooring systems, NuFlorz can install the solution your organization needs.


Why Epoxy Flooring?

Industrial epoxy flooring is ideal for any organization looking for a clean floor with protective and durability benefits that come with resinous flooring. 

Trust NuFlorz for Your Urethane Modified Polymer

When your flooring system needs a glossy finish that protects against slips, you need a urethane modified polymer. A urethane modified polymer is also made to protect against thermal shock. NuFlorz can install the urethane modified polymer that your flooring system needs. Our urethane modified polymer solutions include trusted Dur-A-Flex products, like Poly-crete. 

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Looking to install epoxy flooring? Trust the experienced professionals at NuFlorz.

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