High Performance Polymer Flooring

High Performance Polymer Flooring Nuflorz

Hire NuFlorz and avoid paying for a new floor twice. Installing polymer flooring is a tedious process that NuFlorz does on a timely basis. NuFlorz only does fluid applied flooring. Polymer flooring from NuFlorz delivers needed long term performance.

To avoid paying for a new floor twice, make the right call once. Call NuFlorz. 


What is Polymer Flooring?

Polymer flooring is a general term for types of protective floor coatings. Different polymer flooring systems are associated with a different chemical composition. These different chemical compositions for different polymer flooring systems address specific floor durability concerns. Polymer flooring provides many benefits, including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Withstanding high foot traffic
  • Providing an attractive look for a facility
  • Resistance to bacteria that could cause health or safety concerns
  • Maintaining regular moisture levels
  • Repairing floor damage

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