Floor Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning Services

Dirty floors are bad for business. When commercial flooring isn't clean, it provides a bad impression for current and potential customers. Dirty floors also reflect poorly on an organization's capabilities. 

NuFlorz provides professional floor cleaning services, transforming dirty commercial flooring to a like new look. 

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About NuFlorz Floor Cleaning Services near Syracuse NY and Surrounding Areas

Concrete Floor RefinishingNuFlorz offers floor cleaning services near Syracuse NY and surrounding areas. Our capabilities include floor cleaning services for a range of different types of flooring.  NuFlorz is also experienced in providing floor cleaning services for various industries and applications. From industrial settings to retail and grocery, we make your floors clean and aesthetically inviting. 

NuFlorz delivers professional floor cleaning services for different types of commercial flooring, including:

  • Hard Surface Floor Cleaning
  • Tile Floor Cleaning
  • Grout Floor Cleaning
  • Laminate Floor Cleaning
  • and more

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Professional Floor Cleaning Services

professional floor cleaning services

When you need professional floor cleaning services, it's clear that your needs go beyond the capabilities and equipment available to your maintenance staff. When your location has persistent blemishes, dirt, stains or other concerns, NuFlorz delivers the floor cleaning services you need. 

When you get floor cleaning services from NuFlorz, you get professional floor cleaning with specialized equipment to get the job done. 

When Floor Cleaning Services Aren't Enough, Get Floor Restoration Service

Beyond dirt, stains and other cosmetic blemishes, commercial flooring can also experience damages. Floor damages can often develop in to safety hazards. If your floor needs fixes that go beyond floor cleaning, NuFlorz provides floor restoration services. 

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A clean floor is essential for all types of businesses. To transform your dirty, blemished floors in to a clean, like new look with floor cleaning services...

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