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Traffic coatings and parking deck flooring services are essential to protect the longevity of parking garages. The heavy weight of parked cars, damages and seasonal maintenance take their toll. 

NuFlorz understands the unique challenges for protecting parking decks. Our traffic coating systems provide resistance to expansion and contraction, chemicals and vehicular traffic. 

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What Traffic Coatings Are Right For You?

Identifying the right traffic coatings for a specific parking garage depends on the condition, environment and structure, among other factors. 

Do you need a protective traffic coating system? Perhaps you need to keep moisture levels consistent. Or, you may have existing damages and cracks that need to be fixed. 

Traffic coatings from NuFlorz can deliver all of the above solutions and more. 

Traffic Coatings and Parking Deck Flooring Services

  • Polymer Flooring There are a variety of polymer flooring types available. Each different type of polymer flooring provides specific benefits to your property. Polymer flooring offers these protective benefits and more. 
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  • Parking Deck Flooring Restoration Are there cracks or other damages on your parking deck floor? These damages can create safety hazards. To fix parking deck floor damages and address safety hazards, hire NuFlorz for parking deck flooring restoration. 
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  • Epoxy Flooring Traffic Coatings Epoxy flooring is a great choice for traffic coatings. Epoxy flooring provides a clean look while requiring minimal maintenance. 
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  • Concrete Testing Concrete testing is an essential part of parking deck floor surfacing, particularly for below grade parking. Concrete testing is vital to ensure a warrantable floor system is installed. NuFlorz provides concrete testing that includes floor analysis and recommendations. 
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