Industrial Floor Coatings

An industrial flooring setting requires the most demanding floor systems offered by NuFlorz, Inc.. Heavy equipment, abrasion and process chemicals damage industrial flooring. Safety hazards are also a priority in these environments.

To protect your industrial floor coatings, or to fix damage with industrial flooring restoration…

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What is the Right Kind of Industrial Flooring Coatings For Your Syracuse, NY Facility?

NuFlorz, Inc. has the industrial floor coatings system you need.

The nature of your business will influence the type of industrial flooring suitable for you.

Do you need a floor that’s low maintenance and easy to keep clean? Or, do you need industrial floor coatings to protect against certain types of damage, like chemical spills or heavy loads?

NuFlorz, Inc. offers the industrial floor coatings you need in Syracuse, NY and beyond.


Industrial Flooring Solutions from NuFlorz, Inc.

Whether you’re looking to fix existing floor damages with floor restoration services, protect your industrial flooring with epoxy or polymer flooring, or ensure aesthetically pleasing flooring, NuFlorz, Inc. is your trusted professional.

Polymer Flooring

There are multiple types of polymer flooring: urethane mortars, epoxy, epoxy self-level, MMA systems — all of which consist of chemical compositions that can be installed for your protection needs. Some types of flooring are ideal for high foot traffic facilities, while others are great for resisting bacteria growth.

Polymer Flooring Services


Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is ideal for clean, low maintenance industrial flooring. NuFlorz, Inc. also provides epoxy terrazzo flooring, fluid applied flooring, seamless flooring and other industrial flooring solutions to keep your facility clean and operating smoothly.

Epoxy Flooring Services


Concrete Testing

Concrete testing is vital to safeguard the integrity of your facility floor. Our concrete testing services provides professional analysis and recommendations to ensure a warrantable floor system is installed.

Concrete Testing Services


Fix It With Industrial Flooring Restoration Services

You can’t ignore it any longer. Even seemingly insignificant floor damage can quickly develop in to a safety hazard. Beyond being a safety concern, cracks and other floor damage are a bad look for your facility. NuFlorz, Inc. can transform your damaged industrial flooring to like-new condition.

Floor Restoration Services


The Trusted Industrial Flooring Professionals in Syracuse and Central New York

NuFlorz, Inc. is a Browz member. As a Browz member, NuFlorz, Inc. is independently recognized as safe, socially responsible and qualified industrial flooring provider.

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For years, NuFlorz, Inc. has been depended on for industrial floor coatings.

Full-Floor Restoration and Flooring Systems

Your commercial or industrial floor takes a beating every day. You walk on it, drive over it, drop things on it and usually… ignore it. Until something goes wrong.

Our staff has 20+ years of flooring experience to ensure your peace of mind. We work with top quality, warranted flooring systems from respected national manufacturers - such as Dur-A-Flex and Neogard - using specialized equipment and premium machines on a daily basis. And it's all delivered with an emphasis on safety, service and professionalism. NuFlorz will work closely with you right from the start. We will educate you and explain all your options so you can make the best decision for your application.

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