Automotive Floor Restorations

NuFlorz is experienced in commercial flooring services that meet the industry demands of auto shops. For commercial flooring that can withstand the impact and foot traffic of auto repair shops, depend on NuFlorz.

Need to install commercial flooring for your auto shop? Or, do you need automotive floor restoration? NuFlorz delivers the solutions you're looking for. 

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What Type of Commercial Flooring Do You Need?

NuFlorz is the leading provider of commercial flooring for automotive businesses. We can provide the automotive floor restoration services that meet your specific needs.  

Our commercial flooring for automotive businesses include a variety of flooring solutions. Each of these flooring services offer their own unique benefits. Whether you need protective  coatings, stain resistant floors, slip and fall protection, a clean look, or you need testing to safeguard the integrity of your floor, NuFlorz gets the job done. 

Commercial Flooring for Auto Shops

Commercial Flooring for Auto Showrooms

Which commercial flooring solution is right for your auto shop? The answer to this question depends on what you want from your auto shop flooring. 

If you're looking for a durable floor that can withstand foot traffic and the impact of vehicles, epoxy flooring may be a great option. Epoxy flooring provides a clean look that's built to last for years. 

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Auto service bays require specific flooring solutions. This commercial flooring for auto service bays can include reflective flooring.

Commercial flooring for auto shops needs to look good. NuFlorz commercial flooring provides just that, delivering the durable performance and clean aesthetics you're looking for. 

Our other commercial flooring services  also includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

Whether you need to install new auto flooring, replace an existing auto floor, or you need floor restoration services...

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Trust Our Professionals for Auto Shop Commercial Flooring

Auto shop commercial flooring takes a beating every day. From heavy use from auto repair work to withstanding hefty loads from vehicles, repair equipment and service staff foot traffic, a specialized commercial flooring solution is needed to meet the needs of an auto shop. 

NuFlorz offers commercial flooring for auto shops that's made to withstand industry demands. From stain resistant flooring to protective coatings, fixes from floor restoration services, essential concrete floor testing and more, depend on NuFlorz to get the job done. 

Our commercial flooring services for auto shops includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Epoxy Flooring Epoxy flooring provides a clean look with protective benefits that last for years. Learn More About Epoxy Flooring...
  • Polymer Flooring Polymer flooring is a long lasting commercial flooring option that's ideal for the needs of auto shops. Learn More About Polymer Flooring...
  • Auto Shop Floor Restorations Auto shop floors take serious damage from extensive repair work on heavy equipment and machinery. The routine wear and tear to auto shop floors can create safety hazards, and can be a bad look to customers.  NuFlorz is experienced in providing auto shop floor restoration services.
    Learn More About Floor Restoration Services...
  • Concrete Testing for Auto Shop Floors Concrete testing can identify problem areas that otherwise could go undetected until they become bigger concerns. Concrete testing can identify problems before they become expensive repairs. Learn More About Concrete Testing...

Need Commercial Flooring For Auto Shops? You Need NuFlorz

For years, NuFlorz has been the relied upon professionals for commercial flooring for auto shops. Our experts have the equipment, materials and specialized knowledge to meet industry demands. 

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