NuFlorz, the area's leader in moisture testing & mitigation

Moisture-related problems with floor coverings and coatings applied over concrete slabs have become a serious and costly issue for designers, constructors, manufacturers, installers, and owners. Problems are being experienced on both new and renovation projects. Our slab testing can make sure new concrete is dry enough to install flooring, and also determine if existing flooring isn’t performing as a result of high moisture in the concrete.

Concrete must have moisture in order to develop and maintain its strength, but excess moisture can create a host of expensive problems in your building, not the least of which is floor covering bond failure. Even if the floor doesn’t fail, there is still an increased risk of mold and mildew growth.

Flooring issues can arise if concrete hasn’t properly cured or wasn’t properly sealed – above and below – upon installation. With NuFlorz's knowledge and experience in moisture testing and mitigation, we are able to give you the answers you need to move forward with your flooring.

NuFlorz, a proud partner of Dur-A-Flex, Inc.

NuFlorz, Central New York's and Northern Pennsylvania's leader in seamless industrial epoxy urethane mortar flooring systems installations, is a proud partner of Dur-A-Flex products, utilizing the company’s more than 40 years of extensive field knowledge and innovation in seamless commercial/industrial flooring systems and epoxy polymer components.

NuFlorz high-quality work relies on Dur-A-Flex product to offer its customers a wide variety of seamless floor systems to meet their specific needs. Whether NuFlorz’s client needs are a decorative floor that will hold up to high traffic, sanitary floors to address compliance requirements, or an industrial floor for your manufacturing facility, NuFlorz and Dur-A-Flex products got you covered. NuFlorz works to make sure your needs are met with a Dur-A-Flex product that is right for your business and will deliver the lasting value you expect.

Dur-A-Flex epoxy is the "tried and true" resinous flooring system. NuFlorz utilizes the company’s products to fit any budget, with epoxy systems available in thin film applications of 20 mils thickness for light duty applications all the way up to thick overlays of 3/8" or more.

The partnership between NuFlorz’s expertise and Dur-A-Flex products will lead to the best solution for all of your most demanding flooring applications!

New site, new NuFlorz social media channels launch

NuFlorz, Central New York's and Northern Pennsylvania's leader in seamless industrial epoxy urethane mortar flooring systems installations recently launched a more content-rich website, detailing the extensive surface technologies offered by the company, including:

  • Concrete floor analysis & recommendation
  • Moisture testing & mitigation
  • Floor preparation & repair
  • Bead blasting
  • Crack & joint repair
  • Terrazzo restoration
  • Urethane cement composition flooring
  • Liquid applied floor systems
  • Seamless flooring

In addition, the updated site offers a photo gallery with samples of concrete floor restorations and seamless epoxy installations, including industrial/warehouse, automotive and institutional examples of the quality work performed by NuFlorz.

NuFlorz has also extended their social media reach, and you can now like us on Facebook, find us on Yelp, and connect with NuFlorz on our Google+ page. In addition, check back often for updates to the NuFlorz news blog for company updates, additions to the photo galleries, and general industry news.

Look to NuFlorz's 20+ years of flooring experience to ensure peace of mind when it comes to your concrete floor restoration and seamless floor installation. We work with only top quality, warranted flooring systems from respected national manufacturers – such as Dur-A-Flex and Neogard – using specialized equipment and premium machines on a daily basis.


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